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RPGWatch - Red Heath Interview

by Couchpotato, Tuesday - April 14, 2015 05:03

Red Heat is a new turn-based RPG that launched on Indiegogo this week and we had the chance to interview the developer, and ask him a few questions.

Couchpotato: Welcome to RPGWatch can you give everyone a brief introduction about yourself, and your gaming studio?

Red Heath Team: Hello, everyone.  First of all I’d like to say thank you to for possibility to describe the game that we are developing.

My name is Eduard Sidoruk, I am the head of Epic Star Graphics and also I am a game designer and an art director of our projects. I’ve been doing it for 5 years already, before that I spent 8 years making animation.

Our studio is situated in Minsk, Belarus. Till the middle of 2014 we were creating casual computer games (HOPA), in 4 years 4 games were created. But in comparison with “Red Heath” previous projects were created with a publisher. To the moment of making the fourth game the production felt like a copy paste conveyor. And of course our interest in developing of casual games went down.

Red Heath - Indiegogo Campaign Launched

by Couchpotato, Thursday - April 09, 2015 01:45

The developer of Red Heath has notified me he launched his Indiegogo Campaign ,and is asking for $45,000 to help fund his turn based tactical RPG. Here are the details.


A turn based tactical RPG in the best traditions of the genre.

Events of the game describe the year 2027, when the fallen asteroid brought an alien parasite spores on Earth. Spores, when they get inside a living creature, cause an irreversible mutation, that brings to life a new race – Malorg (mutagenic alien organism). Infection has spread so fast, that just after a year of its beginning the most part of the planet was populated with mutants. The future of humankind was doomed, till the moment when an independent scientist, professor Isaac Mason created an effective antidote against mutagenic mechanism of spores.


Red Heath - A New Turn-based Tactical RPG

by Couchpotato, Tuesday - March 24, 2015 03:46

I received news of a new Turn-based Tactical RPG today called Red Heath from one of the games developers. They plan to launch the game on Indiegogo at a later date.

For now here is the games trailer, and a short game description.


We are happy to greet you on the web site, dedicated to a role play turn-based tactics computer game «Red Heath».

Events of the game describe a year 2027, when the falling of an asteroid brought a new parasite life form on Earth, that became a threat for everything that is alive.

In the center of the story there is a group of survivors, whose gathering together became a destiny.

The main characters of the game are people of different ages, genders, physical and intelligent qualities, but they all are united with a common purpose – to bring an antidote to a military base "Red Heath", with which communication was lost.

Will the characters be strong enough to pass hundreds of miles of danger to reach their purpose?..

At the moment the game is in the stage of developing. We will be glad to give you answers for your questions. Thank you for your attention to our project, and Welcome!

Information about

Red Heath

Developer: Unknown

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 10-20 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Cancelled
· Publisher: Unknown