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Unsung Story - May Update

by Myrthos, Friday - May 03, 2019 10:31

The May update of Unsung Story, provides more information on Inversions and has the first background of a character.

I’m Brandon, a System Designer here at Little Orbit, and this month, I want to give you a small glimpse into the Inversions content system (formerly known as Fractures). 

For context, the destruction caused by the 77-year war has taken its toll on the Opus, and the magical schools used to maintain it. Reality is starting to come undone. This has begun to manifest itself throughout the world by way of Inversions; areas where other possible realities have started to seep through allowing chaos to pour into the world and wreak havoc. 

This system introduces repeatable, semi-randomized content for players to explore outside of the main storyline. Inversions are unlocked by completing the regular version of the map. Then players can move on to the alternate version of that mission that has different encounters, creatures, starting unit locations, mission objectives, times of day, or weather patterns unique to the region when applicable.

We are still designing these, but here is a quick hypothetical example:

In the main story line, we have a morning mission that involves eliminating all the hostile creatures that threaten your party in the outskirts of Branholme. The story version is fairly straight forward and involves opposing Saxtel army units as enemies.

Once that mission is completed, the player can choose the Inversion. This mission takes place in a what-if alternative history where the enemy attacked earlier during the previous night. This time you must eliminate all hostile creatures without using any Ice-based abilities, and instead of just Saxtel army units, they are helped by monsters known as the "Ancient Ones".

Aside from the fun, Inversions are an exciting source of additional puzzles, experience, and new character items. Players can repeat these missions to experiment with different jobs and skill loadouts before attempting the next story mission.

The core of the storyline in Unsung Story focuses on the 77-year war between the Alionne and Saxtel forces; a battle between different ideologies. Inversions give us the ability to step away from that war and explore other aspects of the world including … more of the creatures.

Unsung Story

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: J-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Black Geyser - Recruitable Party Members

by Silver, Thursday - May 02, 2019 22:10

A new update for Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness looks at recruitable party members and the herbalist guide.


Recruitable party members

We have mentioned in the past that there will be quite a few possible party members to recruit as you explore Isilmerald. We’ve decided to outline three of them here to give you a feel for the kind of characters you will meet on your journey. Each of these characters has their own personal quest that you can work to complete, but we don’t want to spoil them!

Siracca, the Heretic

tusk guy


Background and overview

Siracca, like most Rillow, came west along the spicelines to Isilmerald. But while most Rillow come seeking adventure, experiences or wealth before returning home, Siracca has come for a different reason… and she's never going back.

It's not clear whether the legends about the Rillow's creation are true, but Elenuator is definitely the race's patron, and a jealous one at that. Siracca has committed what amounts to the cardinal sin among the Rillow: she began to devote herself to a god other than Elenuator. In fact, Siracca is a Cleric of Alnarius. Among her kind, this makes her a heretic and an outcast of the highest order. While she was unable to stay in her homeland without the threat of summary execution, she feels little compulsion to hide what she is in Isilmerald; thus, she actually seems to go out of her way to be ostentatiously offensive to her kin, abandoning their social norms and many of the things that are normally associated with Rillow. Siracca wears no jewelry, and prefers simple, functional clothes. She has little desire for the hedonism her compatriots so often pursue. Instead, she has devoted herself entirely to her god, and travels Isilmerald to spread worship of Alnarius and help restore harmony wherever she goes. Her one concession to her race is a natural talent for Brewing, which she uses to aid in her healing abilities.

Siracca is highly opinionated, but not unkind. She will loudly protest the player doing outwardly chaotic or greedy things. Additionally, having her in the party may cause conflict with other Rillow, either in the party or out in the world. Other Rillow view her very existence as offensive, to the point of it sometimes inciting violence. She remains cheerful in the face of adversity, however, and is prone to even unrealistic optimism. She also happens to be remarkably resilient to greed; having come from a society which favors displays of opulence and turned her back on it, Siracca's faith and force of will keeps the curse at bay. That said, should she believe that a greedy action is the only way to spread love and harmony in a given situation, she may be prone to choosing the lesser of two evils.


Siracca is first and foremost a healer. She prefers peaceful solutions to problems, but because of her past she also understands that sometimes violence is unavoidable. Still, she serves in the Healer/Buffer role and should be kept off the front line.

Siracca is nearly immune to greed. While she will loudly complain about greedy choices being taken by the player, it actually takes a great deal for her to leave the party. She is endlessly optimistic and believes anyone can be redeemed, so the player must do things either specifically in opposition to Alnarius or commit incredibly heinous crimes before she considers leaving. 

Other Rillow in the party will frequently argue with her, possibly even refusing to join a party with her in it to begin with. Siracca does not wear jewelry of any kind; all inventory slots for rings, earrings or necklaces are unusable for her. 


Siracca is plain, for a Rillow. The tusks jutting from her cheekbones are short, unadorned and white. She tends to wear simple robes and has few features to distinguish her from her compatriots. The one thing that stands out about her is a brand in the middle of her forehead, symbolizing her heresy against Elenuator. She makes no effort to hide it, intentionally her hair short to make the brand visible. 

While tall compared to other races, she is relatively short for a Rillow woman, standing only about the height of a Human man. She lacks much of their typical broad stature as well; in fact, were it not for her tusks and ears, she might be able to pass for a tall human woman in dim light. She makes no effort to hide her heritage, however.


Helgenhar, the Trueheart



Background and overview

Helgenhar comes from a family of renowned Stoneseekers. For some time, he was content with his lot in life and enjoyed time spent with family and clan. But over the years Helgenhar started to notice subtle changes within his home. Dwarves naturally covet beautiful and valuable things, but for most the journey of finding and creating is more rewarding than ownership itself. Over time his clan’s sense of exploration and strong community started to unravel. Greed and suspicion worked it’s way into their hearts. Fathers began to image their sons plotting against them, and communication and trade began to break down with other clans. Helgenhar knew the answers lied above in the realm of men, and journeyed out to seek the truth and prevent his people from going to war.

Helgenhar Stoneseeker is a stout ally and potentially a good friend for the player character. His strong moral fiber has allowed him thus far to resist the temptations that seem to be seeping into the world. He hails from Stundur Hum, dwarven for Stone Home, which rests deep in the roots of the Skegg mountains.

Family and home are of paramount importance to Helg. He will agree when the player aligns with those interests and become upset when they go against them. He is resistant to the effects of the Greed that is infecting world, but he is not immune.

Helgenhar is very brave but can also be quite shy. He is very deliberate and carefully observes his surroundings. As such he is slow to speak and only when he is fairly sure of his words and his intentions. Many take his silence and ponderance as cowardice, but little could be further from the truth.


Helgenhar acts as a “Tank” role within the party. He is powerful and slow and does what he can to attract enemy attention to himself. As a dwarf he is very resistant to damage and has a large pool of hitpoints.

Helg fights against greed in the world, but it may still affect him if the player isn’t careful. In the end he can be turned and give his heart over to the curse that plagues his clan. However, he will likely leave his companion before then if the player seems to be making too many greedy decisions. A persuasive character may be able to get him to stay, but there is a fine line between keeping his friendship and maintaining his sanity in the face of greed.


Helgenhar has a bright red beard and matching hair. He keeps his beard long and braids it to signify his role within his clan, as is dwarven tradition. He is short, stocky and has a powerful frame. His green eyes darken and burn with intensity when he is angry.

As a particularly long-lived race, Dwarves appear younger than they actually are in human terms. Helg seems to be in his early 20s, but in truth he is nearly a century old.


Bjalla, the Destined



Background and overview

The life of a Feldegug is full of harsh realities and bitterly-earned truths. Living in one of the more hostile climates, white elves have remained reclusive and xenophobic since their adaptation to the icy northern tundras. Few enter their lands, and few leave. Those who do venture away from their homeland tend to keep their own counsel, preferring to deflect attention from themselves and avoid uncomfortable questions. So it is particularly notable when a white elf makes a name for herself and does little to avoid prying eyes. When Bjalla Adelis walks down the streets of Isilmerald, people take note. And she doesn’t seem to mind.

Bjalla is a young Spellweaver of notable talent. From a young age, her greatest strengths put her at odds with Feldegug society; endless curiosity led to unanswerable questions, and those questions led to uncomfortable silences. When such questions persisted, silence became anger. As Bjalla would tell it, that anger spoke more of the white elves’ ironic resistance to change (given their origin) than it did to any sort of reasonable judgement about what Feldegug society ought to be aiming for. So it was not a surprising turn of events when she was cast out, exiled to die in the frozen wastes for one too many offensive inquiries. What the Feldegug elders likely did find surprising was that Bjalla not only avoided death in the harsh winter of the northern climes, but she managed to thrive on the experience. Escaping restrictive customs was precisely what Bjalla needed to explore her full potential, and the frozen wastes were no barrier to her goals.

In recent years, the young Spellweaver began wearing a particularly ostentatious diadem across her forehead. It was with some surprise that Isilmerald’s sages recognized the central decoration as the Third Eye: a legendary gemstone said to grant control over fate itself. Bjalla has avoided discussing either how she acquired the gem or what it actually does, though in a number of conflicts she has been involved with, witnesses reported seeing a frightening, wolf-like creature with three eyes, which invariably destroyed her opponents. Sharper-eyed viewers might have seen the Third Eye glowing in synchronicity with the raging wolf, but it would be hard to reconcile such reports with the calm and collected demeanor of the nearby sorceress. Bjalla certainly hasn’t said a word about it.

But few would deny that behind her cool gaze is a woman of purpose. A mage who will play a part in the turbulent times to come. 

And for her part, Bjalla Adelis has never denied it.


Bjalla is a Spellweaver, and not one prone to specialization. Her endless curiosity leads her to embracing most knowledge she encounters as being equally important. She is a wizard without a dedicated focus to her practice. But her versatility can make her less adept at any one thing. Smart characters may convince her to focus on the magical aptitudes they most need to fill in any gaps in their abilities. But they will also remember that such curiosity leads to Bjalla being a capable advisor when it comes to matters of magic. 

Bjalla cares little about material possessions, but that does not mean she is resistant to the effects of greed. Greed takes many forms, and she may well find herself overwhelmingly tempted by her desire to acquire rare or forbidden knowledge. Should a player wish to avoid her corruption, they would be best advised to keep her grounded. Bjalla may need reminders that some things are better not knowing if the price is too high.

Due to her reputation as a remarkable wizard, Bjalla may draw attention during her travels. This may have both positive and negative effects, depending on what the player wishes to accomplish at any given time. Stealthy characters may find it difficult to avoid notice while Bjalla is in the party. More ostentatious characters may find her notoriety a boon when trying to impress NPCs with the company that player keeps.

Bjalla Adelis is a romanceable character. To garner her interest, the player should show interest both in her and her goals. Bjalla seeks knowledge and the revelation of mysteries; if she finds the player character sufficiently interesting, she may be more willing to share her secrets and her person in exchange for theirs.

True to her ancestry, Bjalla remains cold (and often sarcastic) in her conversations. But as a break from tradition, characters who get to know her may find a fiery interior behind the calm veneer; this may extend beyond her thirst for knowledge into personal (and sometimes emotional) interests. To be close to Bjalla, a player must be willing to deal with the negative outlook inherited from her people, as well as the passions that define her.


Bjalla Adelis is an average member of her species. Both Feldegug and Deroni elves tend to exhibit physical characteristics that other races consider beautiful and delicate, and she is no exception. But unlike the somewhat more carefree personalities of Deroni elves, Bjalla has inherited the serious demeanor of her upbringing, and appears generally aloof and uncaring compared to those of more emotionally expressive mortals.  

She stands at normal height for her race, with golden-blonde hair and sharp features. She tends to dress in finery more out of habit than anything else. Seeing her smile is a rare occurrence, though someone close may be able to break her out of her usually neutral demeanor.

Thanks Farflame!

Black Geyser

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Vagrus: The Riven Realms - Devlog #18 - Rumors

by Hiddenx, Thursday - May 02, 2019 19:05

Here's Devlog #18 for Vagrus: The Riven Realms:

Devlog #18 | Rumors (Game Design Post)

Another crucial game mechanic that is being added to Vagrus as we are writing this is a system of Rumors. Rumors are short entries in your Journal that are meant to guide players to content and unlock locations on their Chart in order to help them plan journeys and find places. We have come to the conclusion during playtesting that not only do we need to differentiate these Rumor entries from your Objectives in the Journal but we also need to separate them entirely and move them to a different pane. As evident from this, Rumors have undergone quite a lot of change since their original conception.

Acquiring Rumors

Rumors can be found in Events sometimes or can be bought in settlements (in mansios, specifically) from a semi-randomly generated list. You will be able to discern from the list what each Rumor can grant you but not the specifics. We are still tweaking the way they generate but a certain randomness is going to play into it, so expect to rarely see the same set of Rumors in different playthroughs.

Types of Rumors
There are several types of Rumors we are planning to add:

Unlocks a Chart Item
This type of Rumor unlocks a settlement or point of interest location on your Chart. Apart from running into such places by wandering around, this is the only way to discover map locations.

Provides Information on a Storyline
This kind of Rumor points the player in the direction of a potential storyline or quest and gives hints on how to initiate it. Though the text is short, players may have to consult the Chart or explore a bit to find the exact place.

Provides Information on a Settlement
Information on a settlement's trade opportunities (what goods sell there for a good price), unique inhabitants, or important characters (such as the rare blacksmith or a powerful mage). Some of these might end up being generated to match the ebb and flow of markets around the Empire.

Gives Information on Encounters
These Rumors inform players about the dangers of a certain region or even provide hints on creatures and their habits that dwell there.

There might be other types added later but these four we would certainly like to appear in the game eventually.

In order to avoid keeping track of a huge amount of already obsolete Rumors, players will have the option to 'retire' a Rumor, that is, to move it into a searchable archive section of the Rumors list. This will be necessary to do from time to time for transparency's sake.

We feel that Rumors will play an important role in how players manage their goals and objectives, as well as in the way they explore the unknown and perilous reaches of the Riven Realms, so we will most definitely keep expanding on the concept as development goes along.

Vagrus: The Riven Realms

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Starpoint Gemini 3 - Dev Diary #3

by Hiddenx, Thursday - May 02, 2019 19:00

Here's the Dev Diary #3 for the space RPG Starpoint Gemini 3:

Dev Diary #3


Face to face at last

Hello everyone!

This third Devblog offers more information on one of the most significant changes we're introducing to the Starpoint franchise. Many of you noticed this change and asked numerous questions about it, so it is good time to reveal more info, but without spoiling too much of your future game experience.
One of the most important parts in this new approach were characters. You already learned humans aren't alone and alien races exist and share space with humans. But instead of offering aliens as a mere additional variable in the global scale of events, we wanted to give players a chance to really meet them face to face. See them firsthand, talk to them, observe how they adapted to living in mostly human populated territories. In addition, why wouldn't you visit their planet and learn how they live and what their ordinary day looks like? In Starpoint Gemini 3 characters are here to tell a story (both visual and in the sense of spoken words) and to show the player that they are real living creatures forced to survive and secure happiness in the same surreal circumstances as any other human. Each tragic event and each battle from the past left a scar on Gemini and everyone living there, be that human or alien. They might have different perspectives on many of these events, but the effect on their lives is profound regardless.

Preparing the technology

Given the fact that we still opted to keep our own game engine for Starpoint Gemini 3, and the fact we never used characters on this level before, creating the necessary technical support for this feature was a daunting task. First, our WhaleX engine had to be upgraded to receive and render high quality character models at all. Next, these characters don't just hang around drifting in space. They need to be placed in closed spaces, environments and rooms. That was also something we used before only in a limited capacity. It took several months to prepare the engine for the usage of internal spaces, appropriate lightning and details rendering. After that came the biggest task of all – the characters now needed to start talking and expressing emotions. Introducing blend shapes, proper expressions and speech synchronization proved to be very challenging. The selection of technology to record shapes and software to implement it took another few months, but when we first saw Remo Bo talking to us and making funny faces, we all knew it was worth the effort. He was, among other characters, now ready to tell his story and that felt awesome, especially for the things to come.

Pushing further than ever before

Ok, so an Exteran bartender smiled at us and offered us his first drink. That meant testing time was over, and we have established a system and a workflow that works. The available options suddenly expanded, and we wanted to use it to the maximum extent possible. Character lists were created, the storywriter gave them personalities and backgrounds while the animators worked their magic to give them life and expressions. Doing this for the first time was both fun and hard with problems appearing from everywhere. One day a Dogon alien is trying to relay a serious message to you when his teeth suddenly fall out. The next day a local trader is giving you a quest, but his body goes somewhere else and you find yourself talking to his lonesome floating head. Hey, we're not making a horror game, so this was freaky to say the least. It took some time to sort these glitches out, but in the end, we were happy with the overall quality and the impact we achieved.

Meeting future „friends“

Most players will probably be interested in what they'll get in the end. Who will they meet during the game? Well, now we're getting to the slippery terrain if we want to avoid spoilers. You'll meet humans; many humans. Both male and female. Aliens too, and we don't mean it as mere plural, but as in more than one race of aliens. When we talk about specific types of characters, your travels will offer the chance to meet ordinary people, traders, bartenders, heroes of past wars, twins, criminals and shady people, android like dudes, some non-humanoid creatures as well... All in all, Starpoint Gemini 3 takes place in Gemini and beyond as well, so it's a very big place and variety is mandatory.
The plethora of characters you'll encounter on various locations on planets and space stations will offer information, clues, quests and different services, pretty much similar to any classic RPG, but at the same time this new perspective will allow you to get a front row view on the regular life in Gemini – interiors, factions and their relations, design ideas, fashion...

In the end – what's the deal with aliens?

When talking about characters, we have to offer some answer to a very important question – Are Aliens bad? In previous games in the Starpoint Gemini series, the aliens were shown rarely and usually connected to some battle and destruction. Now, many players expected they are an „Independence Day“ type of aliens. Well, they are not. First – there are more than one race of them. Second – none of them hold an inherent hate of humans. They utterly hated the Empire but once that organization was destroyed and genome experiments had ended, they had no special desire to pursue destruction of the entire human species. In Starpoint Gemini 3, years after the fall of the Empire, humans are repopulating human territories outside of Gemini once again, and they slowly accept that the A'Shriari are here to stay, and that some form of coexistence will have to be found. Additionally, as you travel outside of Gemini and the story takes you to the other former colonies of the Earth Empire, you’ll learn about more and more species out there. None of them have any choice but to live with each other. Do they like each other? That depends, but that doesn't change the fact that all of you are here to stay and finding the best way to do so, and to navigate the complicated mutual relationships, is one of the crucial tasks that the protagonist, Jonathan Bold, will have to tackle. That is – alongside the even more complicated relationships between Jonathan's former/current and potential girlfriends

That's it for this Diary, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Starpoint Gemini 3

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Dungeon Kingdom - New Chapter

by Silver, Wednesday - May 01, 2019 12:05

A new chapter for Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon introduces the "Black Mage Quarter."

Update 0.9.950 - New Chapter!

Hello Happy adventurers!

It has been a long wait, but the "Black Mage Quarter" chapter is finally here for everyone!
As usual, feel free to send us feedback and any issues encountered!

We are very sorry for the delay, we totally missed our last schedule. However, there is good news: we are now ready for the return of more regular game updates and posts. We are getting very close to full content, the two last chapters level design and artworks are now done and we are finishing the gameplay integration.

We hope you will enjoy the Black Mage Quarter guys, time to take that portal :)

Black Mage Quarter

Dungeon Kingdom

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Platform: PC
Release: In development



Jupiter Hell - Universal Soldier Update

by Silver, Tuesday - April 30, 2019 20:34

A new update for Jupiter Hell about version 0.6.0.

Jupiter Hell 0.6.0 - The Universal Soldier Update

Posted by Chris Dwyer (Collaborator)
universal soldier update banner

(Re)Boot Camp

Buckle up, Marines. Today we’re starting a new cadence of updates that culminates in our Early Access release this summer. 

We want to better organize our updates around core features we’re implementing, as well as keep our current and future community informed on happenings around the studio, and lastly get more people in the beta for direct feedback for the upcoming release. We’re starting today with what we’re calling the “Universal Soldier” update, so gear up, read this briefing and get your ass to Jupiter.

The Universal Soldier

We’ve been listening to feedback and made a major gameplay change for 0.6 - universal weapon slots. Separate slots for sidearms, primary and heavy weapons were needlessly complex and not adding much to the tactical gameplay so as of today, you can carry any weapon in any slot. And yes, this means you can carry three chainguns at a time. We’re also adding a trait for Scouts and Technicians to increase the amount of weapon slots available. 

Medals, Fixed Exalted Enemies & Gameplay Tweaks

Players of our previous game that start with a D and end with an RL will recognize this next feature - Medals! They are extremely hard to get but you’ll now see Medals show up on your death screen in the player data section. Medals are gameplay achievements that you can collect over time, now including real-time tracking for speedrunners. We’ll be adding badges and more challenges in the future so stay tuned for more updates.

Additionally, we’re doing a little spring cleaning around the games features. We tweaked the level generators for Callisto and Europa with better lootbox and turret placement (check out the new rocket turrets!) as a side-effect. This should also improve the BSP generator to be more common. We also finally fixed exalted enemies to now drop good loot on death - the risk now has a reward! 

We made some significant changes are in weapon/ammo balancing:

  • Revolvers and hunter rifles now use the new .44 ammo. Both got a damage buff and were made common. 
  • Double shotguns and auto shotguns have made more common
  • Rocket launcher are more viable, as you’ll find heavy enemies carrying them
  • Revolver, hunter rifles, double shotguns and auto shotguns are now carried by enemies and have their advanced variants available

Last, in 0.5 & 0.5.2 we added full-fledged controller support as well as drones and turrets.

 PAX, Discord & Future Plans 

We were at PAX East last month and had a great time showing Jupiter Hell to players from around the world!

We got a lot of valuable feedback as people took the game for a run. Additionally, we got some press thanks to our friends at Hardcore Gamer, Sick Critic and Gaming On Linux:

Finally, as we mentioned, we’re starting the ‘road to hell’ AKA the road to Early Access. We’re going to be doing larger updates and communicating more as we get closer and closer to release. 

Another part of this initiative is growing and organizing our community better. Starting soon, we’re going to have a promotion on our Discord to get more people into the beta and incentivize you to play more. Stay tuned for more but in the meantime, join the Jupiter Hell Discord server here:

That’s it for now, Marines! See you in cosmic space hell.

Jupiter Hell

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Roguelike
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Mount & Blade II - Economy and Trade

by Hiddenx, Friday - April 26, 2019 21:56

Learn more about the trade system of Mount & Blade II:

Dev Blog 25/04/19

Greetings warriors of Calradia!

Conducting trade runs between towns as a merchant has always been one of the most fun and profitable activities for players in our games. Bannerlord’s trade system improved on this aspect of the game in many ways, by displaying trade rumours on the inventory screen, tracking player profits, awarding trade XP accordingly to characters, etc. which makes playing as a merchant much more fun and rewarding. However, we still had the feeling that something was missing, so we decided to dedicate more care and attention into the economy and trade system.

We like making everything in the game connected to each other, however, trade and item prices felt like it was only there to make the game playable as a merchant (and to be honest, it kind of was). We had implemented a rather thorough production system where everything in the game, from food to weapons to cows and horses, were produced in villages or town workshops. This created an uneven distribution of different trade goods in the world, and consequently, there was sufficient price variation across the map. However, we had a rather simplistic system for the consumption of goods where each town consumed a certain percentage of all available items, regardless of scarcity. This, of course, was quite unrealistic. (When faced with a shortage, people don’t tend to politely reduce their consumption to a lower level, they rush to hunt for and grab the last item on the shelf, prying it from the hands of a nice old lady if needs be!). So, while the system was suitably connected to other mechanics, it was grossly unrealistic. We needed a new system!

For our new system, we started by creating a table outlining how much a typical town would spend on different categories of trade goods and items. For example, a town with a prosperity of 5000 will allocate, say, 500 denars to spend on grain, 400 denars to spend on meat and 200 denars to spend on butter each day. The town then uses the budget allocated to each category to purchase items of that category from the market and consume them. Moreover, every time an item is consumed, it will give a bonus to one of the town stats. Consuming food items, for example, will increase towns food stores, consuming tools will increase productivity, consuming cheaper weapons and armour will increase the number of militia, while more expensive arms will improve the garrison. This mechanism means that low prices are quite beneficial to the town’s development and consequently its lord since towns with cheaper goods can obtain much higher bonuses with their budgets.

This system nicely ties town stats and management to the price of goods, but it is also great for merchant gameplay as it allows us to gauge prices in a realistic way. Instead of the rather simplistic price model we used to have, we now have a rather detailed model that determines prices based on supply and demand for each category in a given town. Higher demand from town consumption, workshops requiring raw materials, etc., will increase demand and push prices up, whereas the availability of higher quantities of items will increase supply and deflate prices. As a trader, you will hopefully feel that prices behave realistically during peacetime, as well as, in response to actions such as wars, village raids and sieges.

During the development of the new trade system, an interesting point came up. As you probably know, in Warband, as in many other trading games, the price point changes every time you purchase an item from or sell an item to the market. This sometimes feels counter-intuitive since as soon as you purchase a desert horse for 100 denars, you see that the price jumps to 106 denars. And once you pay that for the second horse, the price now becomes 113 denars. You were perhaps expecting a discount for buying multiple items in one go, but instead, you got a price hike.

We considered whether we should keep using the same mechanic for Bannerlord, and in the end, we decided that this was actually entirely realistic and therefore opted to keep it. Think of this not as how the price of goods change in a single shop (with a particularly annoying shopkeeper!), but rather as prices of the same type of good in different shops across the town. One horse merchant may have a pack horse for sale for 106 denars, another could offer one for 113 denars, and yet another who perhaps needs cash urgently will let you buy his pack horse for a mere 100. Being a wise shopper, you, of course, choose the cheapest offer. However, if you want to purchase a second horse, you will now need to take the next best offer, and so on.

And that concludes this week’s blog. Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week!

Mount & Blade II

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Battle Brothers - Tools of Death

by Hiddenx, Friday - April 26, 2019 21:43

The new DLC Warriors of the North introduces some new weapons to Battle Brothers:

Dev Blog #123: Tools of Death

The ‘Warriors of the North’ DLC for Battle Brothers will be released on May 9th with a whole bunch of features. You can read up on those and add the DLC to your wishlist here. In the meantime, let’s talk about an important topic we haven’t touched on yet: New weapons! With the DLC, you’ll also get your hands on new tools of death, including hybrid and niche weapons to create new builds and tactics with. Let’s take a look!

The Bardiche is a variant of the Greataxe with a differently shaped head and a longer shaft. Like the Greataxe, it comes with the ‘Split Man’ skill for great single-target damage. But while the Greataxe has more damage potential against up to six targets with its ‘Round Swing’ skill, the Bardiche instead comes with the ‘Split’ skill of Greatswords for more surgical precision and hitting two targets in a straight line at once. Like the Greataxe, the Bardiche is excellent in destroying shields and penetrating armor.

Staff Sling
A simple weapon used since ancient times, and the favorite of many a shepherd, the Staff Sling is used to hurl stones towards the enemy. It’s not particularly accurate or damaging, but it’s cheap, and with stones abundant everywhere, it will never run out of ammunition. Two stones can be hurled each turn, and on hitting a target in the head it will inflict the ‘Dazed’ status effect.

An exotic curved sword from the south, the Scimitar and its higher tier cousin, the Shamshir, are excellent for cutting deep wounds. They’re less suited for thrusting than straight swords, however, and therefore have a harder time penetrating armor. Like other swords, they come with the ‘Slash’ skill, but unlike those, they don’t have the ‘Riposte’ skill as a second. Instead, they have the ‘Decapitate’ skill of cleavers.

Heavy Javelins & Heavy Throwing Axe
For users of throwing weapons that long for an extra bit of oomph, the DLC adds the Heavy Javelin and Heavy Throwing Axe. They’re sometimes used by barbarians and can be looted off of their cold dead hands.
A pitchfork re-forged into a battlefield weapon, the Warfork is the pride of any militiaman, and looks right at home with the new ‘Peasant Militia’ company origin. It’s a lower tier variant of the Spetum, which has in turn been slightly buffed. Like the Spetum, it is a specialized polearm that can be used to form a more deadly yet more fatiguing ‘Spearwall’ than with a one-handed spear. Particularly useful against non-sentient beasts, but also against humans if your battle line is long enough.

Battle Whip
The Battle Whip is a specialized weapon with plenty of strengths, but also a clear weakness. Covering a whole 3 tiles, it has the longest range of any melee weapon currently in the game. Hitting an enemy with the ‘Whip’ skill will inflict two stacks of the ‘Bleeding’ status effect at once, and because the weapon is classified as a cleaver, this skill also benefits from taking the ‘Cleaver Mastery’ perk for further bleeding damage. However, the weapon doesn’t have a high base damage, and while it can be deadly against unarmored or lightly armored targets, it performs dismally against armored ones.

Luckily, it brings another bit of utility to the table. Its second skill is called ‘Disarm’ and on a hit will inflict the new ‘Disarmed’ status effect on a target, preventing it from using any weapon skills for one turn. Some targets which are immune to being stunned, like Orc Warriors, can still be controlled this way, but unarmed targets, like Direwolves, can of course not be disarmed. Disarmed targets can still move and use non-weapon skills freely, just not attack. Barbarians also have their own variant of the Battle Whip, called the Thorned Whip, which has slightly different stats.
DLC Supporter Edition

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to our announcement of the ‘Warriors of the North’ DLC, and many people expressing their desire to support us again even beyond the asking price, we’ve decided to also offer it as a special Supporter Edition again. This Supporter Edition includes the ‘Warriors of the North’ DLC, as well as an additional new player banner and shields with a nordic motif as a thank you from us to you. The bundle will be priced at $18.99, and you can already add the second part of it to your wishlist here as well.

Battle Brothers

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Elleros Origins: Wytchsun - Early Access April 29

by Hiddenx, Thursday - April 25, 2019 17:35

The Early Access version of the action adventure Elleros Origins: Wytchsun RPG will be available on April 29:

Elleros Origins: Wytchsun

You are the only one who can stop the cataclysm from destroying the land of Elleros.

Every 400 years a cataclysm wipes out nearly all life in the land of Elleros. The last cataclysm was 399 years ago. This is the year everything changes.

Elleros brings to life a complete open world for you to explore in any way you choose. From exploring ancient caves to battling corrupted necromancers, Elleros enables you to play the way you choose.

The fate of the TriImperium hangs in the balance. Battle, Explore and Command: Choices define your experience, and even one decision can change the course of history in Elleros.


A Stunning World to Explore

  • Travel throughout countless biomes and fully immerse yourself in a world that is on the brink of cataclysm.
  • Currently features three towns, miles of open world and six planes of the abyssal realms. Updates add content every month
  • Encounter detailed lore and varied magical realms, while meeting or slaying the realms denizens.

Play however you choose

  • Tailor experience from the very beginning. There are no character classes, you can shape your play-style as you please. Play as a mystic and monk who wields a broom refuses to use weapons, a dark magician riddled with magic diseases, or a knight clad in armor favoring a shield.
  • Schools of magic, faith miracles, dark secrets and the weapons of humility enable you to play in the way you decide.
  • Decide how to handle complex issues like corruption and magic diseases, miracles, and upgrades like runes or faith.

Detailed Character Customization

  • Sculpt your champion in your own fantasy or image. The character creator allows you to create your a hero unique from anyone else, and change or mutate them over time.
  • Shape your character’s reputation and morality based on consequences of actions you make throughout the game

Engage in Powerful, Terrifying Combat

  • Battle against necromancers, dark magicians hordes of the undead or bandits.
  • Unleash spells, monastic powers, stances and 115 different magical spells and skills.

True next generation

  • Day/night cycles and dynamic weather systems affect how the towns citizens, and monsters of Elleros behave.
  • Built from the ground up for next generation hardware to provide stunning game world realism

Watch Out!

Elleros is not finished! It is in active development: Its runs well on most hardware, but there are bugs and missing features. If you would like to play Wytchsun when it is finished, follow our development progress. We'll keep you informed as updates improve the game.
Playing today: there are at least 15-25 hours of open world exploring, locations and magic planes. Some of these are hidden realms! There are also features like over 30 in-game readable books with turning pages; crafting, 10 magic planes, a crime and justice system, stealth and theft etc.

About the development team

Elleros Origins: Wytchsun is being created by Rampage Interactive. We have a small in house team along with remote workers all around the globe dedicated to specific tasks during production, such as audio and graphics.

Wytchsun: Elleros Origins

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Transistor - Free on Epic Game Store

by Silver, Thursday - April 25, 2019 10:12

DSOGaming reports that Transistor is free on Epic Game Store.

The action-RPG lovechild from Supergiant games named Transistor is currently available on the Epic Store, and it will leave your cash completely unhindered. The game will be celebrating its fifth birthday this year, but rest assured that its visuals and  amalgamation of real-time gameplay with turn-based encounters still provide for a rare treat.



SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Outward - Review @ Gamereactor

by Hiddenx, Wednesday - April 24, 2019 18:34

Gamereactor has reviewed Outward:


Nine Dot Studios has crafted an utterly unique fantasy adventure, but it's one where you've got to take the rough with the smooth.

Outward is a survival-orientated, third-person action-adventure, emphasising exploration and timely quest completion, with deliberately different approaches to fantasy game tropes and some fresh world-building. There are ample crafting opportunities, RPG-style character building, strange locations to see, and three different main quest paths. It also sports local and online cooperative multiplayer. Quite a list. How all these elements coalesce is a bit more complicated, however, as we'll see below.


Unique and creative setting, Survival elements just the right level of involved, Both character and player progression feel earned.

Combat can be awkward and difficult to practice ahead of time, Timed quests cruelly punish but are hard to track, Game systems can sometimes leave you feeling stranded.

Score: 7/10


SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Battle Brothers - Warriors of the North May 9th

by Silver, Tuesday - April 23, 2019 11:35

The release date for Battle Brothers DLC Warriors of the North will be May 9th.

Release Date Announcement

What started out as a small DLC has become a sizable expansion again. We’re happy to announce that the ‘Warriors of the North’ DLC for Battle Brothers will be released on May 9th for the price of $8.99 or your local equivalent. You can already find and wishlist it on Steam right here and on GOG here.

The artwork above can also be downloaded as a wallpaper here.

The ‘Warriors of the North’ DLC for Battle Brothers expands the game with a more distinct northern region, as well as different starting scenarios to pick for your mercenary company. Face an entirely new faction of barbarians in battle, wear new viking and rus themed gear, and follow the legend of the ‘Ijirok’, a mythical creature of the frozen north!


  • Origins – Pick one of ten different origins and play as northern barbarians, peasant militia, or a flock of cultists. Each origin has special rules that shape your campaign into a different experience from beginning to end.
  • New Opponents Face an entirely new faction of northern barbarians, complete with their own gear and unique mechanics.
  • Legendary Locations – Visit two new legendary locations and fight two new bosses in a quest that leads to a legendary reward.
  • Champions – Hunt down enemy champions and face them in battle to claim famed items for yourself.
  • New Banners and Gear – Dress in style with a collection of new viking and rus inspired banners, shields, helmets and armors. Use new weapons and let loose the new nordic warhound!
  • New Contracts and Events – Earn your stay in the north by taking on new contracts. Immerse yourself in leading a mercenary company with even more illustrated events.
  • New Music – Two new music tracks accompany you on your adventures.
  • New Achievements – Challenge yourself with new achievements.

Please note: You’ll be able to continue your current campaign with the DLC, but you won’t have access to all of the new content until you start a new campaign.

Battle Brothers

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Tales of Maj'Eyal - The Lost Land Announced & What's Next

by Silver, Tuesday - April 23, 2019 11:13

A new update for Tales of Maj'Eyal answers the question of what's next and announces a new expansion called 'The Lost Land.'

What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!

Hello my minions!

Recently I was surprised to find some people wondering if Tales of Maj'Eyal was dead (as in not developed anymore). I was like "WTF??" because I knew it was not, quite the opposite in fact, but then I pondered some more and realized that I'm utterly bad at regularly communicating that fact! So let's try to improve on that with a Grand List Of What Is To Come (Possibly).

As usual I never give dates unless I'm sure. So always take this kind of things with a grain of salt, they may come in two days or two years :)

Release of patch 1.6 with huge changes

1.6 is the next free big (huge) patch for Tales of Maj'Eyal. I have already delayed it far too much as such it has grown into such a monster patch that I likely won't be able to list everything going in without forgetting many others. Still, here are a few of them:

  • Deep rework of early game balance, main goal being to reduce startup tediousness. This includes changes to difficulty, scaling, shops, drowning, items, ...
  • A ton of cosmetic options for all playable races (including the expansion ones). From many shades of skin colors, to haircuts, beards, tattoos, ...
  • Hugely improved NPC AI, smarter, better pathing, and so on. For MOAR GLORIOUS DEATHS!
  • Update of Doomed, Cursed, Wyrmics, Antimagic, Shadowblades, Prodigies, Corruptors, Reavers
  • Update to many randart powers and ego powers
  • A complete revision of runes, inscriptions and charms
  • Fixed bosses can now levelup in specific classes to keep the challenge up at higher levels/high difficulties
  • Revision of many debuffs
  • Melee weapon scaling revision to reign in on late game ultra high damage stupidity and buff early game low damage stupidity
  • A ton of misc changes, updates, revisions, ...
  • And the usual slew of bugfixes (and NEW bugs :) )

Embers of Rage free update with a new class: Annihilator

So you thought that when an expansion is released it's the end of its life? THINK AGAIN!
After 1.6, Embers of Rage will get an update with a whole new class for you to slaughter poor creatures with: The Annihilator! As its name suggests this is a class for peace-loving orcs!

Annihilators use steamguns and new heavy weapons (flamethrower, shockstaff and boltgun) to destroy their foes all while deploying automated steam turrets and even riding around in a mecharachnid suit!
A force to be reckoned with for sure!

Note to be clear: this is NOT the very next update to Embers of Rage, that one will be released at the same time as patch 1.6 along with an update to all expansions, just to update their systems for 1.6. Annihilators will come a little afterwards.

DarkGod turns evil: Microtransactions, but the good kind!

Don't go screaming bloody murder just yet please ;)
So let's say it upfront: no pay2win to be seen in there!

Now that this is said let's get into more fun details. So if there is no pay2win, what will there be?
Many things! Mostly fun and/or cosmetic stuff as could be expected:

  • Additional Online Item's Vault space. Any purchase of the game, expansions, donations, ... already provides vault space, but this is for even MOAR!
  • Various cosmetic themed packs. These will include shimmer appearances for most items, plus sometimes/usually additional cosmetic options for playable races. "But DarkGod, I want to have racial cosmetic options without giving you more money!" Well, fear not for 1.6 does bring in a ton of those for free anyway. The more, the merrier!
  • Community events! Now for something a little different. In Tales of Maj'Eyal community events are temporary stuff that are sent by the server to any currently playing character. The server randomly sends two of those, called the Bearscape and the Lost Land of Poosh, to players automatically. There are many more, like seasonal ones, or ones only I can push when I feel like it. Now players will be able to acquire the ability to trigger either the Bearscape or Poosh themselves, in addition to the random server pushes that are not changing. But wait there is more! They are still community events, so whenever somebody buys and triggers one, all players currently online will benefit!
  • I don't like pay2win. I really really don't. So instead of doing pay2win, I've decided to add a pay2die system instead! If you think your character is too strong, that nothing can kill you as you stride effortlessly through the toughest of foes, just buy this option and get a few level 500 god-level horrors randbosses summoned on you! Death is guaranteed! You can even boast online by showing off what horrible horrible creatures are about to kill you!

As for why I'm adding this now; well this is less fun but I prefer to be honest as for why I'm doing it so...
In last October Steam had a glitch in their algorithm, which effect lasted for months and for many can still be felt today. Basically the algorithm suggesting games had gone bonkers and unless your game was an AAA or super indie it sank to the bottomless depths of hell. Many indie devs, including me, had their revenue cut by like 50+% (sometimes much more).
Valve told us this was not intentional and I truly believe them; they've always been very nice people when I needed them so I have no reason to doubt their word. But still, it made me realize that I am so dependent on Steam. This kind of made me enter panic mode, I was mentally unwell for some time I must admit. Maybe I'm too fearful, a scared little boy or whatever but still that's how I feel/felt.
So I've pondered about additional revenue streams and I remembered about some players that kept asking to be able to buy more vault space and cosmetics. So finally after many years I caved in and the rest is (future) history!

And to be perfectly clear: this is just a way for people who want to support the game to do so while getting a few cosmetic/fun stuff out of it. The game itself is free/cheap and will keep on being so because making my game accessible to more people is something I truly believe in. Also I'm an evil god of darkness, thus I want to reach as many minions as possible; you know to eat their souls and stuff... :)

Next expansion announcement: The Lost Land
And last but certainly not least... A new expansion! And not a small one at that. For a long time now I've only announced expansions when they were very nearly finished. This time I'm trying another way and instead I'm teasing it early on. As you can see on the teaser, no ingame art exists yet but many sketches. The lore, zones, foes, stories, ... are all roughly defined and being implemented. The new races and classes are already half-way done.
Still it'll be a long way until release, which will obviously happen in exactly 1DGTU!

"But DarkGod, you didn't tell us what it is ABOUT!" Fear not my brave minion, I'm coming to that!
I can not yet reveal too much about it, and keep in mind anything can change, but here are some key facts for your pleasure:

Tales of Maj'Eyal

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Roguelike
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Pathway - Update Cycles

by Hiddenx, Monday - April 22, 2019 05:52

The strategy RPG Pathway will get updates every Wednesday:

Pathway Devlog #8 - Preview Builds & Update Cycles

Wow, Pathway has been out for only a little over a week!

Up to now we've been in overdrive-mode fixing bugs. Additionally, we've also started introducing a handful of quality of life updates such as the undo button when recycling items as well as improved tooltip comparisons. Updates have been almost daily during this period to make sure critical issues are addressed promptly.

With today's post we want to explain what the next few months are going to look like.

New Update Cycle
From now on, we're switching to a more predictable update cycle: Every Wednesday we will release a new update. However, new features and changes will always first go to our public Preview branch. Once those changes had a bit of time to go through a testing and feedback phase we will then push them to the main branch. So in practice this means changes will generally linger in the preview branch for a week before appearing on the main branch. Sometimes we may decide to keep some things in the incubation stage for a bit longer before they make it to the live branch.

The preview branch will serve as an experimental area, where we can try out some changes and gather feedback from the community before making them available to everyone. So if you want to be a part of shaping the game's future, we'd love to have your help there!

The first preview build will go live next Wednesday. We will post instructions on how you can join the preview testing then.

Here's a little taste of what's coming to the first preview build:

Improved Damage Information
An area we see confusion about frequently is how damage is calculated in Pathway. In the upcoming preview, we're adding an overhauled tooltip when hovering over enemies during an attack action. In the compact view you simply see the effective damage potential. This includes all adjustmens that may occur from things like the weapon's damage type or if your character has a special bonus/penalty against an enemy type. If you press tab, you will get a more detailed breakdown of how exactly the final damage calculation came together. We hope this will help in making some of the game's more complex damage calculations clearer.

Rebalanced Loot Distribution
We're making the beginning adventures more rewarding in terms of loot drops. We want to keep the legendaries for the mid to end game, but we feel like the first two adventures could use a boost of rewarding items.

Reworked Perk Branches in Events
Another feedback we've seen popping up often is that the perk branches in events don't feel weighty enough. We are starting to address this issue by taking a lot of luck out of the perk branches. So far, you'd always have a significantly improved chance at success, but in practice it often felt like you're gambling just as much as when using one of the other standard branches. Starting with this build, perk branches will now give you a success in an otherwise risky situation. There are a few exceptions to this rule still. We think this change will make character perks a lot more rewarding to use and provide a more tangible benefit.

There will be a full changelog with the release of the build on Wednesday that will of course also include a bunch of general bug fixes and improvements!

THANK YOU again for playing our little game and sending us your feedback. We truly do appreciate every constructive comment coming our way - We're constantly reviewing your ideas and and we are looking to address a lot of the concerns in the next little while.


SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Introduction

by Hiddenx, Friday - April 19, 2019 21:18

Henriquejr spotted Kickstarter update #93 for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem:

Introduction to Wolcen’s story

We wanted to share with you  some story elements so you can understand the context surrounding the  main character and his companions before you start the story, in order  to give you keys that will improve immersion. Although the “spoilers”  term is always subjective and related to an intimate perception, I’ve  ensured that these elements only give you contextual information that  your character already has when the game starts.

A fantasy world

Wolcen is a world of magic with some technological hints, with Enneracts at the heart of each practice.
Energy  crystals are fueled with Enneracts energy to power pistols and engines  in some parts of the world, while others rely on a more religious,  mystical, or even scholarly approach of these artifacts.

Yet,  magic is rather uncommon and often associated with witchcraft. The  knowledge of the occult is even more rare: people have heard of spooky  stories and yet the average person wouldn’t know what a demon is, aside  from a concept to scare children.

This is due to the fact that  supernatural evil forces almost always plot from the shadows, corrupting  and enthralling mortals rather than using bruteforce. Only rare world  crisis trigger open-roaming evil creatures like undead, monstrosities or  demons.


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Hack & Slash
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Battle Brothers - The Ijirok

by Silver, Thursday - April 18, 2019 06:25

A new dev blog for Battle Brothers introduces The Ijirok.

Dev Blog #122: The Ijirok

Ijirok Banner

Aside from new contracts and events, the upcoming ‘Warriors of the North’ DLC will also introduce two new legendary locations linked in a single quest leading up to a legendary reward. Today we’ll look at one of the two bosses that you’ll have to face along the way – if you don’t like to be spoiled about any of that, you may want to skip this dev blog. All others, let’s go!

The Ijirok
The Ijirok is a mythical creature of the north, folklore of the barbarian folk. It’s called the Beast of Winter, for it is said that it first carried the cold into this world on its back. Legend claims the creature to be a shapeshifter and deceiver, appearing in many forms. It abducts children solely to enjoy the pain of the parents. It leads men astray in the white wastes just to watch them go in circles and freeze to death. Some regard it a spirit, some a god, and others a force of nature, like the sun or wind, but with found divinity within the aspect of a cruel creature. Whatever its true nature, in the north they all can feel the presence of the Ijirok, and they count themselves fortunate that the horrors it brings are scant and passing.

Ijirok concept art

When your mercenary company finally faces the Ijirok in battle, it will appear as a great horned beast with four legs and hooves. It’s a boss fight, and it will challenge you like fighting the Kraken or the Rachegeist does. Leading up to the battle, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the true nature of your opponent by reading events and visiting locations in the game.

The Ijirok charges you from afar to gore and trample anything in its path. Unlike the charge of other opponents in the game, the great horned beast charging you will inflict damage, but you can defend against it with melee defense like against any other melee attack. Even if your shields prove sturdy and your men are not impaled outright, however, the force of impact may still throw them back and stagger them.

Ijirok Icon

Then, at the beginning of each turn, the Ijirok will shift into a different world, one where cold and ice reign supreme, only to emerge at a different place and charge you anew. While the great beast enters into and emerges from this other world, cold seeps into ours, turning the ground frozen and changing the battlefield permanently. Anyone near the Ijirok will get the new ‘Chilled’ status effect, which will freeze your men’s limbs stiff, and lowers their initiative and action points for one round.

The Ijirok is as elusive in combat as it is outside of it, but each round you’ll have the chance to wail on it before it charges you from a different angle. Like with fighting Necrosavants, your formation is key in defeating the beast of winter while the world around you slowly turns into a frozen hell.

Battle Brothers

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Star Traders: Frontiers - Launch all Wings!

by Silver, Wednesday - April 17, 2019 11:48

A new milestone for Star Traders: Frontiers sees the introduction of fighter wings and new art to go with it.

Update #141: Launch All Wings!

fighter wings
It feels very good to have come leaping over the INTERDICTOR milestone and finally be back to regular order -- constant, relentless improvement, new features and content. We dropped 2 hotfixes yesterday to address important issues with carriers and craft but now we're back to updates. Update #141 releases a wave of new awesome art for the craft you can get and starts showing off Faction-specific styles. It also adds a new Mass 3400 ship that isn't a carrier, rebalances and increases the counts of slots on the Basalt, Fallen and Harbinger Carriers. Finally, alongside the new art and content, we've got a raft of small balance changes to Talent cooldowns, Initiative costs, handling of missions in friendly territory, and more.

If you're just seeing this update, you should first check out Update #140 for the news of the major milestone INTERDICTION that introduces and details craft -- interdictors, bombers and shuttles!

On to the details!

purchase screen

New Craft Art and Fixes

With Update #141, we've introduced a wide variety of different craft visuals for shuttles, interdictors and carriers. On the component side, we've fixed the missing +Armor bonus of Reinforced Hangars.

We've also fixed all the reported crashes that came in, so please keep reporting and posting any bugs you find. We've added a protection against launching too many craft at a time on your side (4 max), fixed crashes when attempting to assign pilots and crashes that could sometimes happen when a craft was destroyed in ship battle. Also, we addressed the issue where sometimes "No Pilot" was being incorrectly shown in the Crafts tab of Ship Combat.

Also, a laundry list of Wing Tech, Leader and Bomber Talents all had cooldowns that needed tweaking or fixing. The Wing Commando "Knifework" Talent has been increased to 12 Initiative.

craft art

Wolf Vector

The Wolf Vector launches as an all new Mass 3400 option for those who demand extreme range from their spaceship. Optimized for fuel storage and speed, the Wolf Vector is perfect for a faction's high-value couriers and passengers ships. Sometimes outfitted as a secure luxury cruising yacht this craft is popular among Star Traders who appreciate a fast engine and only refueling rarely.

This ship is a variation of a design found in a player's saved game, submitted to our team. Cory played the game, fell in love with the design and modified it to create the Wolf Vector.


Star Traders: Frontiers

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Dungeon Of Dragon Knight - Gameplay

by Hiddenx, Sunday - April 14, 2019 20:59

The RPG Crawler checked out the dungeon crawler Dungeon Of Dragon Knight:

RPG Crawler's First Look - Dungeon of Dragon Knight


Dungeon Of Dragon Knight

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Stellar Tactics - The Trade Net

by Silver, Sunday - April 14, 2019 07:52

A new video for Stellar Tactics introduces the next major feature; which is the Trade Net.


A quick progress updating covering the trade net, the next major feature for Stellar Tactics

The trade net uses a network of placed beacons. Beacons have been in the game for a while now and many of you may have fairly large networks of these devices. The larger the network, the more options you have to find the best deals.

Initially, these could only be used for fast travel between systems. You likely use them to travel back and forth between mission locations or to your favorite home system where you store goods and ships. With the trade-net update, these beacons will start sending data to the trade-net so you find the best places to buy and sell trade goods, ore, and refined ore. A ship with a good-sized cargo hold can make excellent money traveling between systems trading all kinds of goods.

For those of you interested in smuggling, there will be an option to have your Trade-Net "hacked" so it will show contraband items (like the Kchor Brandy shown above). Traveling with these items in your cargo hold is risky. Raiders may spawn and scan your cargo, trade stations may force you to pay a fine if you have these goods in your cargo hold and will seize the items. A high electronics skill can help avoid detection. There may also be a few ship upgrades just for smugglers.

I'll keep you posted as I make progress. I'm hoping to get this out for everyone sometime in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, here is a list of the latest patch notes since the last announcement. Thank you for supporting Stellar Tactics!


Stellar Tactics

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


A Legionary's Life - Early Access announced

by Hiddenx, Sunday - April 14, 2019 07:26

The historical RPG A Legionary's Life will be released as Early Access on April 19:

A Legionary's Life lets you play as a Roman soldier during the years of the Second Punic War and beyond. Rise up through the ranks and win prestigious awards or just focus on making it home in one piece; it's up to you.


This is a unique single-player game with RPG elements, extensive usage of attribute and skill checks, a turn-based combat system involving many variables (including morale, reach, confined space and high ground) and a touch of roguelike features. Among them, permadeath. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means you'll have to start over if your character dies; but don't worry: the game is designed to be replayable and you'll see only a fraction of it in each run. Also, you'll be able to spend points on your next legionary based on how well your most successful characters performed.

A Legionary's Life

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Sunless Skies - Wayfarer released

by Hiddenx, Sunday - April 14, 2019 06:19

The Wayfarer updatate for Sunless Skies has been released:

Wayfarer Released

The Wayfarer major update for Sunless Skies is now available! Here are the key features:

  • A completely reworked Albion
  • Many new story events for the gods of the sky
  • Officer secondments
  • New story content for spectacles
  • Consequences for some attacks outside of battle
  • Petrichor, the food of the Dead
  • Balancing adjustments to Terror and Crew recruitment
  • Many small fixes and improvements (see the patch notes for details)


Sunless Skies

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Steampunk
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Pathway - Review in 2 Minutes

by Hiddenx, Saturday - April 13, 2019 19:38

Gameumentary checked out Pathway:

Pathway | Review in 2 Minutes



SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Outward - Review @ Invision Game Community

by Hiddenx, Saturday - April 13, 2019 19:07

Invision Game Community has reviewed Outward:

Outward Review

Outward is the 3rd game to be developed by Nine Dots Studio, a 10 man game development studio, as a loving remembrance of old school RPGs. Combining elements of Two Worlds, The Elder Scrolls and slight Diablo tones, Outward is a beautiful mash of RPG design. Playing as an almost common person, you will have the option of following 1 of 3 paths as you work to make a name for yourself, save the world or simply keep your tribe alive in a harsh world.


Overall, Outward gets a 7/10, it is an amazing experience full of fun encounters, short puzzles alongside a lengthy story that can be replayed 3 times. Co-Op systems may put some off from approaching the game, as progress is very skewed toward the main player, but playing with a friend improves the experience several times. The world is rather big, but quests force you to backtrack way too often. Combat is tactful if a bit underdeveloped in places with the overall game feeling very challenging throughout. With some more polish, an updated script along with some balancing work, Outward could be an amazing game, but right now it is an unpolished gem waiting to shine in the spotlight.

The Good

  • Large world with several optional dungeons.
  • 3 whole story paths.
  • Interactive magic systems.
  • Realistic weight and backpack dropping mechanics.
  • Great travel immersion.
  • Can be played fully in Co-Op.

The Bad

  • Overuse of backtracking.
  • Survival systems become redundant too quickly.
  • Some sharp difficulty spikes.
  • Unclear dialogue and decisions.
  • Too many glitches.
  • Co-Op partner gets reduced or no rewards.
  • Poor music looping.
  • Very minimal voice acting.

Score: 7/10


SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Pathway - Two Reviews

by Hiddenx, Thursday - April 11, 2019 20:46

Henriquejr spotted two reviews for the strategy-RPG Pathway:


SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Outward - Review @ PC Gamer

by Hiddenx, Thursday - April 11, 2019 18:37

PC Gamer has reviewed Outward:

Outward review

A few rough edges don't stop this gem of an RPG from shining.

A game where you can never die sounds like it'd make you fearless. Why worry about failure when instead of dying in a battle you simply fall unconscious and wake up somewhere else?

It turns out the opposite is true in fantasy RPG Outward. Failure costs you something more precious than a videogame life: It costs you time. Time to heal, to rest, to repair your gear and restock your supplies, to fill your belly with food and cure your ailments with potions, to travel all the way back to the site of your defeat to try again—and possibly to fail again. Immortality is far more terrifying than death.


Outward's unusual design provides a different experience than I've found in most RPGs. It completely breaks the common habits of fast-traveling, gaining a fortune in loot, becoming an all-powerful god, and reloading saved games when things don't go as planned or you make a choice you regret. It makes minor setbacks feel like major obstacles to overcome and it makes small victories feel like utter triumphs. Outward is harsh and occasionally frustrating, but it does what so few games do. It requires you to put real thought into the choices you make, and it makes those choices feel like they really matter. Most of all, it makes you approach each and every encounter as if your life depended on it—even though you never die.

Score: 89/100

Thanks henriquejr!


SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Pathway - Release Day

by Silver, Thursday - April 11, 2019 07:24

Pathway releases today on Steam.


The year is 1936...

In a time of global turmoil, Nazi influence spreads inexorably across Europe and the Middle East. Rumors are abound of secret excavations and mysterious artifacts, not to mention the odd whisperings and tales of gruesome occult rituals...

It's up to you to assemble a team of bold adventurers, and journey through the deserts, explore bunkers, and temples of Northern Africa to discover their hidden treasures and secrets before they fall into the hands of Nazi forces. You and your companions must work together to overcome overwhelming odds - the fate of the world depends on it!

You haven't heard this one before...

Every campaign is generated when it begins, so no two adventures will ever be the same! You never know what's around the next corner - so stay on your toes! Even the most seasoned adventurers can uncover new and exciting discoveries.

Adventures full of mystery

Journey into the unknown and uncover hidden secrets, treasures, characters, and events which have been buried away. There's a wealth of discoveries to be found, and surprises to excite you throughout each adventure!

Learn from your mistakes

In Pathway, defeat isn't necessarily the end of your adventure. Characters will retain their experience after defeat, so players can invest into building a team which will get progressively stronger! There's even rare equipment and advanced skills and abilities to unlock for every adventurer.


  • DYNAMIC ADVENTURES - Discover 5 different campaigns of varying difficulty, with each and every attempt generating a new web of encounters and unique storyline.
  • TOUGH CHOICES - Every explored location presents you with one of over 400 hand-crafted story events. Search the well? Save the villagers? It's up to you!
  • DECISIVE CONFLICTS - Use cover and positioning in exciting turn-based squad combat. Learn to make the best use of your equipment and your team’s abilities, to vanquish a relentless foe, in ruthless and clever ways!
  • BUILD YOUR TEAM OF ADVENTURERS - Each of Pathway’s 16 unlockable characters has their own skills, weaknesses and quirks, from the almighty melee strength of Brunhilda, to rifle expert daredevil Jackson, and knife-wielding huntress Shani.
  • HIDDEN TREASURES - Unearth riches untold, from common weaponry to rare and unique items with special abilities. Perfect your load-out and cash-in on your high-value treasures for a tidy profit.
  • THRILLING VISUALS - Classic 16-bit pixel art enhanced with unprecedented depth, lighting and shadows using Pixel/Voxel Hybrid Technology.
  • RECOVER & REPLAY - Sometimes failure is the best path to winning. Progressively explore the procedurally generated world, and grow stronger and learn more with each defeat, taking your loot with you even after death.

With soundtrack by the critically-acclaimed composer, Gavin Harrison of Halfway fame!

Playable in English, German and French.
Chinese and Japanese localisations coming soon!


SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Malevolence - Released

by Hiddenx, Wednesday - April 10, 2019 21:32

The first person rogue-like Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox has been released:

Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox

Enter the world of Ahkranox - the first ever genuinely infinite first person roguelike. Become the incarnate form of a magical, sentient Sword, protecting a realm of dreams from the shadows of its own tormented soul, and stand as an eternal guardian against the infinite darkness that threatens to consume all.

Meticulously inspired by the classic RPG experiences of the early 90s, this turn-based roguelike drops you into the infinite realm of Ahkranox, a dream-world in the mind of a sentient sword. The world is infinite, the loot is infinite, the quests are infinite and the possibilities are infinite. Relive the classic adventure experience of the past in this modern day salute to the pioneers of modern role playing.

Be warned! Much like its predecessors, this game does not babysit you. You will learn to run. You will learn patience. You do not start out an unbeatable hero. You will start as a scavenger, doing what they can to scrape by, but that will make your inevitable success even sweeter.



  • A procedurally generated, yet permanent, world to explore.
  • All players experience their own copy of the same world. Share your finds with friends!
  • Plunder an infinite amount of procedurally generated loot.
  • Compete against your fellow adventurers to prove yourself the greatest hero to have lived.
  • Choose from a never-ending supply of quests.
  • Interact with your fellow players through rifts in time.
  • Relive the brutal difficulty and merciless game mechanics of the golden age of video gaming.
  • Claim undiscovered locations as your own for other players to stumble upon.
  • A game without an ending and with no level cap! You live to reach greater heights than your fellows, or you die gloriously!
Thanks Fluent!


SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released