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Corven Interview

Corwin reached out to the Corven folks to ask them some questions on what the game is about.
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ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game



Forgottenlor checked out if ATOM RPG was worth his time and found out it was.
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Knights of the Chalice - GOG Release on December 1

by Hiddenx, Friday - November 27, 2020 19:08

Knights of the Chalice will be released on GOG on December 1:

KotC will be coming to GOG on 1 December 2020 

The GOG version features a leaderboard and 117 challenging achievements for you to unlock through the GOG Galaxy client.

Knights of the Chalice

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Wolcen Chronicle I: Bloodtrail - Coming Soon

by Silver, Thursday - November 26, 2020 21:37

The latest update from Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem announces that the first Chronicle will be available soon which will feature gameplay improvements and new content.

Wolcen Chronicle I: Bloodtrail - Coming Soon

Hello everyone,

We will soon be releasing our first Chronicle for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Chronicle I: Bloodtrail is our first Free Content Update for Wolcen and it includes gameplay improvements and new content.

More details about the content of this update will be shared as we approach its release.

With Chronicle I: Bloodtrail, we also wanted to make a complete reset of the economy. Therefore, characters created before the release of the Chronicle will be moved to a separate Game Mode called Legacy, and they will not be able to interact or trade with characters created after the release of Bloodtrail. They will, however, still be able to interact or trade with the other Legacy characters.

Since the release of the game in February, we have released 17 patches for Wolcen in order to improve balancing, performance, servers, and fix the most common and critical issues. These last months, we’ve been preparing for Chronicle I: Bloodtrail, and although we chose to remain silent, we’ve been listening to your feedback and used them to enhance the game experience and improve the foundations of Wolcen.

This update is only the beginning of a new Wolcen’s journey, and we hope that you will join us for it.

Thank you for your support.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Hack & Slash
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Drox Operative 2 - Early Access Month 5

by Hiddenx, Thursday - November 26, 2020 19:51

Drox Operative 2 is five month in Early Access - here are the news:

Drox Operative 2 early access month 5

Drox Operative 2 has now been in early access for a little over 5 months and is currently available on Steam and GOG.

As of this post, we've released 26 patches (7 since the last post) with 933 total changes (152 since the last post), which can be read here. This consists of a ton of small fixes and balance changes, but there have been a bunch of larger changes.

Spying: You can now plant spies on planets. This gives the player more ways to cause havoc and allows another way (other than treaties) to get information on what the races are up to.

Planet screen: There is now a planet screen that shows all of the information on planets that you have gathered through exploring, spying, or given through treaties.

Anomalies: There is now way more anomaly variety. There are also now anomalies that trigger when the player gets too close and many that give bonuses that last the rest of the sector.

Rebels: Rebels are now a playable option once they are unlocked and all of the rebel factions are more interesting and unique.

Better 4X info: The player now gets more info on race ship tasks & destinations, race production, and planet values.

Component protection: You now have more ways to protect components from damage. Components can no longer take damage if your structure is over 75% and components to the left and right on the layout will protect those in the middle some what.

That's it for all of the major new changes, but there are still a lot of potential changes coming up (which you can see here).

Drox Operative 2

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


DYSMANTLE - Early Access Release

by Hiddenx, Saturday - November 21, 2020 20:22

The Early Access version of the survival RPG DYSMANTLE is now available:

Welcome to the bittersweet Apocalypse

As you ascend from your shelter after the long long years, a brave new old world awaits you. A world inhabited with nasty and vile creatures. A world with no other human soul to be seen. A world with nature in reigns now. A world that's about to get even worse.


You need to find a way to escape the wretched island. But before that, enjoy the bittersweet apocalypse.

  • Break over 99% of all objects for materials with the right tools. No barrier will stop you.
  • Fight with (or run away) nasty and vile creatures of the post-apocalyptic era.
  • Explore the handcrafted open world and uncover its mysteries.
  • Survive. Clear areas of monsters and claim it as yours.
  • Build outposts to establish your presence.
  • Craft permanent weapons, tools, outfits, and trinkets.
  • Hunt dangerous game or tame them for your post-apocalyptic zoo ranch.
  • Farm exotic plants and reap the rewards as crop gets ripe.
  • Solve puzzles above ground and underground in the Tombs of the Old Ones
  • Fish cunning scaly things under the watery surface.
  • Cook delicious recipes for permanent stat and ability upgrades.
  • Unravel the mysteries of the strange island.



SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


West of Loathing - Sequel in Development

by Hiddenx, Saturday - November 21, 2020 19:48

Assymetric, the developers of West of Loathing, confirmed that they are working on a sequel -> link.

Thanks Lucky Day!


West of Loathing

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Vagrus: The Riven Realms - Development Update

by Hiddenx, Friday - November 20, 2020 19:20

A quick development update for Vagrus: The Riven Realms:

What's coming in the next patch?

Hey Folks,

we just wanted to give you all a quick development update. We are pushing hard to publish the next big release still this year. Here's what's coming if all goes according to plan:

New Content:

  • The Deven region with one major settlement, Deven, and a smaller one, Sun Rock, as well as a lot of new ground to explore.
  • The Church of Ahskul faction is fleshed out in all its macabre glory.
  • Try your luck at tomb robbing in the Valley of Sleepers - if you dare.
  • The Ratharnak Alliance's headquarters were extended and moved to the Mines of Plenty.
  • Your journey with the Dread Reavers continues!
  • A lot of new (shorter and longer) storylines you can follow through.
  • The Dark Elf companion Renkailon can now be recruited through story progression.

Crew Combat Improvements:
Looting in crew combat

  • Destroy the enemy or make it flee and get all their valuables
  • Gather/Harvest items, money, and goods from fallen enemy units
  • Catch - with a small chance - the surviving mounts of your outriders who fell in battle
  • Extract supplies from mounts that did not survive

Of course, the Riven Realms remains a dog-eat-dog place, so none of this loot is available if you lose or are forced to flee. Also, 'immersion is king' even when it comes to looting. Do not expect desperate lowlife tugs attacking your comitatus carrying heaps of valuables. Now, in case you are the aggressor and ambush their camp with all their possessions... that is another story. Provided that you are okay to prey on the weak. Will your companions approve?

Combat preparations

  • You can mount fighters, dismount outriders right before crew combat (except if you are ambushed)

Goal (objective) selection changes

  • Now you select a goal on the defensive side as well, so you can choose what you defend the most (crew, beast, cargo)
  • The main target of the enemies is only revealed in the second round
  • You can change your objective at the end of each round
  • Added the option to flee or retreat even during ongoing crew combat (albeit at potentially heavy losses)

New 'defense' stat introduced

  • It better reflects how easy or hard it is to take out certain enemies and characters (i.e.: outriders are much harder to damage)
  • You can improve your crews' combat strength and/or defense stats with equipment and properties separately

Actions in crew combat (tactical commands)
Giving more tools to the vagrus, we are now enabling 'Actions' in crew combat. These can significantly influence the outcome of crew level combat encounters. Our ultimate goal is to enable entering Companion combat directly from Crew Combat but even until then, players can choose from a number of actions (more to come), like:

  • 'Launch a mounted attack' that increases the CS of Outriders for the round
  • 'Form a Shield wall' to increase the Defense of your Fighters
  • 'Insult' the enemy to increase the chance of them making a mistake

Impervious crew combat enemies
Specters, Haunts, Living Shadows. Horrors that are immune to mundane weapons. Improve your companions, gain the blessing of Gods, gather rare magical items to defeat them. Alternatively, do the only thing you can if you come across these deadly enemies... FLEE!

  • Impervious enemies are marked with purple borders and their defense stat is colored as such, too
  • Only your Enchanted companions and/or crew can damage Impervious enemies in crew combat. Enchanted Combat Strength is highlighted - the axe and the CS value are colored to purple.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Event UI performance updates to ease the jittering (still not 100% but we are committed to fix it as soon as we are able)
  • Higher Authority now reduces Companion loyalty penalties
  • Outriders now automatically dismount to create cargo space in case the throw-out screen is (or would be) triggered

We are looking forward to all of you getting your hand on the new update and hearing about your experience. In case you like the game and/or the direction we are taking with it, please consider leaving a review. It's a huge help. Thanks and see you around, vagri!

The Lost Pilgrims Team

Vagrus: The Riven Realms

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Wasteland 3 - Review @ Kordanor's Gaming Lair

by Hiddenx, Friday - November 20, 2020 11:33

Our fellow Watcher Kordanor reviewed Wasteland 3 at his Gaming Lair:

Wasteland 3 - Review / Conclusion [EN] by Kordanor


Wasteland 3 offers quite an interesting, and -for the most part- well made story with a lot of choices and consequences. And this is all happening in a very atmospheric environment, as long as you can look past the humor and also the zoo which you carry around with you; and if you are ok with quite some criticism aimed at religion. The character system is working quite well this time, which is a big improvement over the predecessor. However there is still a problem regarding how well you can plan ahead, and the push towards custom created characters in general isn't great either.
The combat would have really profited from some more polish, even when it's already working better than it did in Wasteland 2.
And with that Wasteland 3 surpasses Wasteland 2 in terms of mechanics and production values, but in total it's still somewhat away from being a perfect game.
While this is a really close one, my rating for Wasteland 3 is a reluctant but still full thumbs up.
I think it's a worthy next part of the Wasteland series and I can recommend it to most fans of RPGs.
That is as long as you aren't totally opposed to what I mentioned regarding the story and setting, you don't focus too much on the combat aspects and it also does help if you prefer creating custom characters over taking story-characters anyways.
And of course you would also need to either have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes this game, or 60 Euros or Dollars for the full price on Steam. So it might be a good idea to wait for a sale here. 

Wasteland 3

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Tactical RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Tropicalia - A Brazilian Game

by Hiddenx, Wednesday - November 18, 2020 18:17

Tropicalia is a J-RPG set in Brazil before the colonization has started:

Tropicalia: A Brazilian Game (TRAILER)


Tropicalia: a Brazilian Game is a RPG set in Brazil before colonization.

The game is an ode to SNES-era jRPGs.

To spice things up a bit, you will encounter here:

  • Quick-Time Events in battle
  • Map Skills for exploration

You play as Kaique, a little Guarani warrior, who had his girlfriend kidnapped by the demigod Tau. The plot is based on actual Guarani folklore.
Tropicalia is gameplay focused, the dialogue is used to set the atmosphere.

Gather materials to craft new items. Have fun grinding at quick battles. Test your strategies against challenging bosses.

Fish, swim, dive, jump, embroil.

Here you will not meet Dragons and Dwarves. But get ready to face Kurupiras and Boetatas.
Are You Ready For This Tropical Adventure?


SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: J-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Phantom Brigade - Early Access Release

by Hiddenx, Tuesday - November 17, 2020 18:20

An Early Access version of Phantom Brigade is now available at the Epic Game Store:

Phantom Brigade is a hybrid real-time and turn-based tactical RPG, focusing on in-depth customization and player-driven stories. As the last surviving squad of mech pilots, you must capture enemy equipment and facilities to level the playing field. Outnumbered and out-gunned, lead The Brigade through a desperate campaign to retake their war-torn homeland.


Key features:

  • Cinematic spin on the turn-based genre • Predict enemy movements, orchestrate precisely timed countermeasures and watch the action unfold.
  • Strategy • Make high-level tactical decisions on the world map, manage your base, and decide how to apply your limited resources.
  • Tactical combat • Take command of your squad in varied missions ranging from sabotage of enemy equipment and infiltration of high tech facilities to convoy ambushes and challenging outpost onslaughts.
  • Customization • Featuring a rich customization system, the game enables you to fine-tune performance of your mechs, install a wide selection of equipment and access a wealth of cosmetic options. Make your ready to face any challenge - in style.
  • Destructible environments • It's not a proper game about walking tanks without some falling buildings. The game allows every square meter of every scene to be destroyed. Blow up any cover and collapse buildings over your enemies.

Phantom Brigade

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Tactical RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Sink Again - Early Access Review @ TBL

by Hiddenx, Sunday - November 15, 2020 19:10

The Turn Based Lovers checked out the Pirates RPG/Sim Sink Again:

Sink Again – Hands on!

“Life is a toy, a well, a moon”
– M. Monicelli

Pirates are cool, that’s for sure. Eveybody loves pirates, they are strong, rude but, at the same time, sweet, romantic and, above all, somehow funny. To be honest, the idea of pirates we have in mind has nothing to do with the real pirates.
Don’t you believe me? Ok, try to read on…

Let’s say that a good percentage of the things we all associate with the pirates trace back to Luis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island“, and most of them are just stereotypes. For example, if we think about parrots, it’s clear that at that time the food supply was often low on many vessels, making pets a luxury that almost nobody could afford.

And what about the “Skull & Crossbones” flag? Here there seems to be a kernel of truth in fact by the early 1700s, buccaneers had started sewing skulls and crossbones onto black flags. Believe it or not, these sent a peaceful message. Unfurling a black flag of any sort meant that if a vessel surrendered its goods, the outlaws were willing to spare her crew!


Well, what’s left to say about Sink Again?
The game is still in E.A. but, even now, it is really surprising. It tries, with success, to mix different genre with the clear intention to entertain rather than to simulate the real life of a pirate. With this in mind, we can surely forgive some oversimplifications, especially considering that we’re talking about a solo-project. For sure, there is still room for improvement, but the developer seems very skillful and active!
I can’t wait to try the final release!

Sink Again

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Black Book - Interview @ Enklawa

by Myrthos, Sunday - November 15, 2020 15:32

Mrozie has interviewed Vladimir Beletsky about the Adventure RPG Black Book, which they are working on at the moment and is scheduled to be released early 2021. First of all, congratulations for your success on Kickstarter! Nowadays crowdfunding isn’t what it used to be and quadrupling your financial goal is something notable. What, in your opinion, was a key factor to drive such numbers?

Vladimir Beletsky: Hello, thank you! Well, I think that there wasn't one factor for a successful campaign, but several of them that clicked together. First of all: there was a long period of planning and preparation that we've made with our publishers HypetrainDigital. Then, there is a factor of the setting. There are some games that are dedicated to the mythology of unholy spirits of slavic countryside, but not nearly enough. And as far as I know, there are no games exploring northern mythology of Cherdyn' region. We have also published a playable version of the game that we've tried to polish and make as good as possible. The Prologue build showed our ability to ship the game and demonstrated our ideas in a tangible way.

EN: Well, it's actually not entirely true that there are no other games exploring mythology of aforementioned region. Mooseman, your previous title, is the next one, right? However, Black Book, at least after playing the demo, feels like another cup of tea. How would you define connection between these two games? Do you build Black Book on the back of Mooseman? Or maybe you envision them as completely different titles in terms of story and gameplay?

VB: Many creatures and beliefs from the game will be very similar and familiar to anyone from Eastern Europe, but there are some key differences. Our game is indeed bearing the connection to the Mooseman. Russian beliefs of orthodox christian colonizers of Perm in middle ages mixed with paganistic beliefs of indigenous finno-ugric people of Perm and created a very interesting mix. Our previous game tried to reconstruct the mythology of finno-ugric peoples from the time that the famous archeological findings were created called permian bronze casts. So this mixture of cultures persists and we explore this topic in a game, there are even some recurring characters from the finno-ugric past that are either happy or unhappy about christian changes.

Black Book

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children - New Free DLC on November 16

by Hiddenx, Saturday - November 14, 2020 19:08

The DLC White Lion and Black Witch will be released on November 16 - as always the devs apologize for way too much - this is one of the best games of 2020:

Hello everyone, this is the Troubleshooter dev team.

First of all, we would like to thank you all for enjoying our game.

Today, we would like to announce the situation of the dev team ask for your understanding.

Last summer, the dev team tried to focus on developing the game, but the result was far from what we have planned. As a result, Troubleshooter has not had an update for about two months. However, we are planning to update our first DLC Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children – White Lion and Black Witch on November 16, P.M 11(GMT + 9).

We are going to release the DLC for free hence there will be no extra charges. We originally planned for Bianca and Alisa to join Albus in the main episode, but due to the development schedule, we were unable to do so. White Lion and Black Witch is a story about Bianca and Alisa. The episode will be playable after you finish the main episode: Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children.

1. Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children – White Lion and Black Witch DLC update schedule

We have been planning to release the DLC earlier but have kept you waiting for a long time due to our lack of ability. We are deeply sorry about that. Currently, we have completed the base work, but we still have scenario missions and translations to do.

For the above reason, on November 16, we will be going to update the first mission of DLC, which will be a story about how Bianca and Alisa join Albus. After then, for every one to two weeks, we will be going to update the scenario mission. There will be a total of 8 scenario missions and one violent case.
We understand that you have been waiting for an update for a long time. The dev team has failed to meet the deadline. We are deeply sorry about it. However, we thought releasing playable content that is not fully prepared is the worst choice we can make. The dev team concluded to choose quality over quantity.

After we finish updating the DLC, new illustrations and BGM will be updated to the art book and the soundtrack.

We apologize for the inconvenience we brought despite all your support.

Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children – White Lion and Black Witch DLC content guide
- 9 scenario missions (Last scenario mission of chapter 6 + all scenario missions of chapter 7)
- 1 violent case
- Level 50 items
- New mastery and systems

2. Troubleshooter: Banished Children update schedule

There is no project running at the moment. Thanks to your support, we have been able to develop our Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children this year. However, developing Troubleshooter: Banished Children will take at least a year, judging by the dev team’s capability.

For us, a year is a very long time. There are too many factors to consider; including the fact that we might not be able to maintain the dev team. Therefore, we cannot promise you when we will start the project. To resolve anxiety factors, we are going to mainly focus on improving Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children. We are going to improve the content and add more quests and additional elements to make the game richer.

We are sorry to let you down with the news. We will find a way to start the project Troubleshooter: Banished Children as soon as we finish updating the DLC.

3. About online content

The dev team was planning to make Troubleshooter an online game with a short story. However, going through early access, a lot of you wanted us to work on the level of completion of the game as a single play game. The dev team agreed on the idea and thus worked on improving the quality. This, however, turned out to be the reason for the failure of the dev team to provide the majority of the promised online content.

On one thought, we thought of giving up the online content. However, we believe that co-op and PVP can provide extra playable content to those who have completed the game. Therefore, we are going to work on the online part when we have the time and capacity to do it. Nonetheless, we are going to primarily focus on the DLC and online content will come after we finish updating the DLC.

We apologize to those who had been waiting for the online content.

Thank you very much.

Thanks Zloth!

Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Modern
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


The Falconeer - Released

by Hiddenx, Friday - November 13, 2020 21:31

The open world flight game The Falconeer has been released:

 The Falconeer | Launch Trailer


The Falconeer

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Space Wreck - New Screenshots

by Silver, Thursday - November 12, 2020 10:44

@RPG Codex Some new screenshots for Space Wreck have been released. The developer has posted some context at RPG Codex for the screenshots you see below.

Space Wreck

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


Starpoint Gemini 3 - Released

by Silver, Wednesday - November 11, 2020 22:15

Starpoint Gemini 3 has been released on Steam and GOG.


Step into the laid-back shoes of captain Jonathan Bold as he travels and explores the open world of Starpoint Gemini 3. Encounter amazing characters, engage in unprecedented dogfighting space combat, mining, freelancing, trading and crafting as You uncover Bold's shady origins.


Experience action-packed space combat that pushes both you and your spaceship to the limit. Outfit your ship with the latest in high-tech weaponry. Pick off your targets from a distance with long-range cannons, obliterate your enemies up-close-and-personal using blasters and scatterguns or choose the middle-ground machineguns. Augment all of that with a large assortment of different skill buffs and become the ultimate agent of destruction.


With trusty ADAH, your one-drone away team, explore Gemini and beyond. Scan anomalies, rummage through derelict ships and let ADAH stretch her legs by going into asteroid caves and strange alien ruins. Such places can be dangerous, but ADAH, using her weapon and energy shield is more than capable of taking care of herself.


Earn credits by doing an odd job or two, offered by the local bartender. If working for others is not to your liking, you can mine ore, scan anomalies, and gather salvage to sell to the highest bidder. For an even greater profit, collect blueprints and craft items. You can sell those for even more. And don’t forget, some of the best weapons, those of legends, can only be crafted!


Combine a wide variety of ship modules to create the gunship of your dreams! Change the chassis, engine, wings and more in this one-of-a-kind do-it-yourself approach. The upgrades aren’t just cosmetic only. Each upgrade comes with its own bonuses.


Work your way up to command one of the massive capital ships available on the famed Horizon automated shipyard. Purchase it, upgrade its core systems, weapons, and abilities, and show your enemies who’s the boss.


Our proprietary engine powering Starpoint Gemini 3 makes it easy to create simple and complex mods, and even easier to start them up through the game launcher. Plug and play mods!

  • The largest game universe in the Starpoint Gemini series spanning three different planetary systems
  • Adrenaline-pumping, action-packed space combat that allows distinct play-styles and on-the-fly weapon switching
  • A complete set of RPG skills to boost the player's capabilities
  • Modular ship upgrading system
  • Command a massive capital ship and show your enemies who's the boss
  • Crafting system that allows the player to create new items and weapons to sell or use
  • A variety of available activities including mining valuable materials and exploring the vast universe
  • A unique chance to explore the shocking truth about the other imperial colonies and the fate of alien races
  • A large variety of characters with unique personalities, different questlines and factions
  • An engaging storyline written by Darko Macan, an official writer for numerous Star Wars and Marvel comics
  • A unique digital companion, ADAH, that assist the player in uncovering Bold's shady origins
  • Detailed interiors on different planets; visit them all!

Starpoint Gemini 3

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Pendragon - Released

by Silver, Monday - November 09, 2020 06:57

Pendragon is an arthurian strategy-narrative RPG that was released back in September.


AD 673. Camelot has fallen. The jealous Sir Mordred has broken the fellowship of the Round Table with hatred and lies. Now King Arthur faces his final battle. Who will keep the dream of Camelot alive?

"Edge-of-your-seat moves are core to Pendragon. Your pieces are characters that talk as you shift them around the board, and through quick decisive sacrifices and killer moves they grow and begin to form relationships with one another. A pawn’s sacrifice or Queen’s prowess will be remembered after the battle, and carried on into the next encounter." - NME

"Pendragon is a strategy game where conversations are as tense as battles, and there's not always a difference..." - Kotaku

Pendragon is a turn-based strategy game, where every move you make drives the narrative, and every story twist opens new gameplay opportunities.

Will you advance and show your mettle, or cautiously retreat? Will you slip round enemies, or encounter them head-on? And when sacrifices are required, who will you put in harm's way?

From the creators of the multi-award-winning 80 DAYS and Heaven’s Vault.

Rally the Knights of the Round Table. Some will make it to Camlann and King Arthur. Others will fall. But every turn will change history.

Will Sir Lancelot be reunited with Queen Guinevere? Will she spurn him, or embrace him? Will Sir Kay ever forgive Sir Gawaine for siding with Sir Mordred? Can Morgana le Fay be trusted? Where is Merlyn? Who lies buried in Mordred’s graveyard? Who is the archer in the woods? What has become of Excalibur?

Secrets will be uncovered. Hearts will be broken. People will die. But maybe, just maybe, King Arthur can be saved...

  • Journey across Dark Ages Britain to face wild creatures, brutal rogues, and Sir Mordred’s dark knights. A randomized game board ensures every playthrough is new.
  • Fight turn-based battles with simple yet deeply strategic combat where position is everything, losses are inevitable, and every step permanently shapes the narrative.
  • Experience story and gameplay as one: Pendragon’s story plays out on the field of battle itself, driven by your decisions - and those of your enemies.

  • Choose a character to lead the adventure. Their personality will shape the story: Morgana le Fay is treacherous; Queen Guinevere is haunted by her mistakes; Sir Lancelot is French; Sir Gawaine is usually drunk...
  • Assemble a ragtag band of knights, heroes, and peasants whose dispositions and abilities grow and change with the story.
  • Live the legend: there will be love, suspicion, revenge, sacrifice and murder — and no one is safe, not even your leader.
  • Determine the fate of the kingdom: your actions determine whether Arthur faces Mordred alone or with his friends by his side.

Powered by the ink engine, the narrative technology behind Heaven’s Vault, Sorcery!, 80 Days, NeoCab, Sable, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and many more, Pendragon is a digital storytelling board game of elegance, emotion, and infinite possibility. 


SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Tales of Maj'Eyal - Big Update: Necrotic Translations

by Silver, Monday - November 09, 2020 05:41

Tales of Maj-Eyal has received a major update called Necrotic Translations which features a reworked Necromancer and 3 new class evolutions like being a Lich.

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 "Necrotic Translations" is out!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 !
Now I promised a Necromancer rewrite some time ago, and it is now finally here! Rejoice for they are now more complete, fun and deadly than ever! (disclaimer: yes this means you'll also get murdered by necromancer NPCs ;) )
But that is not all obviously, this new update brings many new things, including 3 new class evolutions! Ok one of them is Lich being turned into one, but it's still much reworked!

An other huge thing is the translation framework. To be honest I never thought it'd ever exist, but in the end I found a way and with the help of Otowakotori and his team it is now up and running!
Simplified and traditional chinese translations are now in the game, with others currently in the work. Addons can also provide translations for new languages easily. Well .. easily as in easy to code, you still need to translate the tons of text ;)

Add to those the usual slew of changes, new stuff and fixes, obviously!
Also included are updates to the three expansions: Forbidden Cults, Embers of Rage and Ashes of Urh'rok.
Ashes ones being of note as it quite improves the Demonologist class with quality of life stuff, new seeds, reworked talents... Go check it out in the changelog below!

Don't forget that you can support ToME on patreon too if you wish :)

As with any major updates savefiles are not compatible. If you want to finish a character, do not upgrade until you have done so, and make sure you disable addons auto-updating. To stay on 1.6 until you finish your character I have made a new steam branch that you can enable it by right clicking on the game, selecting "Properties" then the "Beta" tab and then the 1.6 version.
And if you use addons, make sure they have a version for 1.7 or disable them; you don't want problems do you? :)

New stuff, cool & shiny:

      Full and total rewrite of the Necromancer class, no point in a list of "changes" as 95% of it is new or deeply altered :)
  • Lich is now a race evolution for Necromancers, with its own (obviously awesome) racial talent tree
  • New class evolution for Archmages: High Thaumaturgist, that focuses on using and enhancing beam spells
  • New class evolution for Sun Paladin: Fallen! Thanks to Recaiden!
  • Add language localization support, with simplified and traditional chinese as the first supported languages
  • Add a fun mechanic to prevent farming of ruined dungeon orbs to get alchemy ingredients
  • Add revamped bandit fortress vault
  • Add uniques to rak'shor pride, similar to the ones already showing in all other prides. Uniques are randomly chosen between necromancers or corruptors with either a necromatic mass or sanguine horror pet.
  • Add worms vault to dry lake of nur
  • Added 2 more rows of hotkeys for the mad people :)
  • Added Energy Alteration in the newly freed Meta tree that allows to change damage spells types dynamically, hopefully enabling some fun multi-elements builds
  • After resting for a few turns, if a party member has a lower life regen than the main character, it will use the main character's regen instead to avoid super long pointless waiting
  • Burb now has his own tile! All hail Burb the snow giant champion!
  • Change how rares and randbosses are generated to be tree based instead of individual talent based thus making them focus on trees more and increasing chance to see tier 3 and 4 talents while also making rares easier to evaluate at a glance
  • Changed Adept to instead grant a flat +1.5 to all talent levels
  • Cleansing Flames is now an active that sets yourself on fire to activate the cleansing flames efefcts for yourself and all burning wake/inferno damage as before. This makes it work with Spellcraft
  • Eldritch Infusion now also provides a spellpower and mindpower bonus based on shields tiers
  • Enabled "WASD" movement (with an option to turn it off, and keybinds anyway). The big difference to normal movement is that it responds to key *release* and can combine directions. So you can do diagonal movement with just 4 keys by pressing two at the same time. Keeping them pressed also works
  • Focused Wrath now also resets the cooldown of Mind Storm at talent level 5
  • Give all melee classes that don't currently start with a point in weapon mastery at birth a point in weapon mastery at birth; this also serves to make sure randbosses have the weapon mastery they need
  • Malevolent Dimensional Jelly finally got its own tile! Now MORE malevolence!
  • Melinda has a new haircut (also available to players after unlocking redhair)
  • Merged Quicken Spells and Spellcraft
  • Moved the default binding for 'w'ield to 'e'quip and the old 'e' binding to 'E' (not that this matters as this was just and alias for 'i'nventory anyway). Those are the DEFAULT binds, if you want the old ones, you can rebind to whatever you prefer :)
  • New minor demon, the onilug
  • Pressing x on the levelup dialog can toggle between the current display and a new one were every value of talents over 5 levels is shown at once (just try it's harder to explain than it really is ;) )
  • Prodigies screen splits out evolutions from prodigies to better see them
  • Rework of the Phantasm tree, Illuminate is more useful, Phantasmal Shield remade, Invisibility is not a sustain anymore and has no damage penalty and a new Mirror Image spell
  • Reworked Swift Hands to provide 4 "ready" slots
  • Rewrote Aether Permeation to be a dispel protection and a spellpower boost
  • Stone Fortress now applies half the effect when it is not activated by the racial ability
  • Stone Vines now correctly check for mindpower instead of just willpower to apply debuff
  • Stone Warden's Shard is not affected by counterstrike
  • When there is possible negative life the player's healthbar will now account for it and add a visual marker at the "0" health point too


Tales of Maj'Eyal

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Roguelike
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Vagrus: The Riven Realms - Companion Progression

by Hiddenx, Wednesday - November 04, 2020 17:01

In devlog #38 the companion progression of Vagrus: The Riven Realms is explained:

Subject: Devlog #38 | Companion Progression

One of the most requested additions by our Early Access players has been Companion progression for a while now, and it's no surprise. Being a party-based RPG at its heart, Vagrus has a roster of unique Companions that are your most trusty lieutenants with their own backstories, skills, and personalities. It is only natural that they can become stronger with time and effort - and we have naturally designed this progression system in the beginning, but we held off on adding it because there were a lot of specifics to work out and the EA experience functioned fairly well without it.

Now, however, the time has come to introduce the progression system to see what our players and fellow vagri think about it. 

Prowess and Insight

Character levels (exclusive to Companions) in Vagrus are called Prowess. You unlock new levels of Prowess by spending Insight - the same Insight you can spend on your vagrus. Once you gain a level, you can spend Proficiency points on your Attributes, Professions, Combat Traits... and now the all-new Companion Traits and revised Combat Skills, too. These round out progression with the ability to make your Companions much stronger in combat.

The Prowess cap will be 5 for the time being, as we are still testing higher-end progression (and mostly lack high-end content), but it is more than enough for a significant rise in power.

Combat Skills

You have seen them already but the Combat Skills now have fully developed second and third (maximum) levels. These level ups potentially change the Damage, Accuracy, Critical Chance, and effects of the Skills, often quite drastically. A good example is Garrik's Gas Bomb that covers more and more ground with level ups.

Additionally, several of the Companion Skills were revised to be more desirable in certain situations. A ton of enemy Combat Skills are also now working as intended, but more on that in another post.

Companion Traits

Each Companion now has a set of unique Traits that raise several baseline stats like Vitality, Armor, Resistances, base Accuracy, Power, and more. This is the only way to change these stats apart from Gear, so you will have to think hard about what to pick. Especially because most of the Trait levels - as well as Skill levels - have requirements.


We've planned to include Attributes (Mighty, Savvy, Tough, etc.) one way or the other in the progression from the beginning but we did not want to assign incremental stat increases to them directly. The way it works now, most Combat Skill levels and all Companion Traits have Attribute requirements you need to unlock before being able to purchase them. This means that with each Prowess level, you need to consider what build you are going for, what your desired Trait is, and plan accordingly when it comes to purchasing Attributes.

This also means that no Companion will be able to unlock all their Traits and Skills by reaching Prowess 9 (the absolute maximum), so you'll have to plan builds.

As ever, we are very excited to see how the community reacts to the progression system. We hope that we can build on this system from now on and we'll be able to round out Companions fully in the future based on this. Even now, though, the system's depth is intriguing, and every Companion can focus on certain things ahead of others to specialize according to your needs.

Let us know what you think!

The Lost Pilgrims Team

Vagrus: The Riven Realms

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


ATOM RPG: Trudograd - Next Big Update

by Silver, Tuesday - November 03, 2020 19:08

The devs of ATOM RPG talk about what will be coming in the next big update.

Next big update announcement

Hey, guys!

Work on the next big update for the Early Access is going as planned, that’s why we decided it’s high time we announce some of our work to prepare you for what awaits in the future ;)

First off, new plot related missions are being prepared to take you to new locations and make you meet exciting new characters. New random encounters are also being added to the city map.

Old locations are getting new life. The last bit is especially true for the city docks area. There will be also plenty of new sidequests for those who want to take a break from the plot!

The characters will be revamped to new graphics standards with much more distinct facial features, and we’re not talking about portraits. The new facial detalization system is almost implemented into the game.

This new feature along with new animations will surely set the bar higher for Trudograd graphics-wise.

We really hope that these new visuals will be to your liking, and we’d love to hear your critiques on this matter.

The combat system was perfected with new features and tweaks to balance, inspired by you, our amazing community. Combat is still a work in progress, though, so some of it might change in an update or two.

And of course, this update will be the first one ever to feature the… On the other hand, let’s not ruin the surprise ;)


Stay tuned, friends. We’re thankful as ever for your unending support.

Have a spooky Samhain!

And as always… Let there be ATOM!

Thanks Couchpotato!

ATOM RPG: Trudograd

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development



Outward - New DLC: The Three Brothers

by Hiddenx, Wednesday - October 28, 2020 17:43

Yemeth spotted an upcoming DLC for Outward - The Three Brothers:

NEW OUTWARD DLC – "The Three Brothers"

Dear adventurers,

the time has come. The world of Aurai has opened its gates & the path leads to "Caldera".

Outward's second DLC "The Three Brothers" opens up a new region & will be filled with new quests, skills, weapons, recipes, and a city-building mechanic!

Get ready to continue your adventure in December!


SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Phantom Brigade - Coming to Epic Game Store This November

by Silver, Monday - October 19, 2020 22:58

TechRaptor reports that Phantom Brigade will be coming to the Epic Game Store this November.


When is the Phantom Brigade Release Date?

The Phantom Brigade release date is November 16, 2020, for PC via the Epic Games Store according to the game's official website. Phantom Brigade will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for one year, after which the Early Access period will conclude and it will launch on Steam.

"Launching this way with two stages gives us the opportunity to spend more time perfecting the details of the game, and making sure that we can do the full launch with the strongest product possible," read the news post announcing the Phantom Brigade release date. "We really love how Phantom Brigade is looking right now, and we can’t wait to show you more in the coming months."


Phantom Brigade

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: Tactical RPG
Platform: PC
Release: In development


LoA: The Forgotten Crown - Patch 1.21

by Hiddenx, Monday - October 19, 2020 18:44

Patch 1.21 for Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown has been released:

Legends of Amberland version 1.21

Version 1.21 released

This version introduces what some of you waited for a very long time. Yes, the long promised Steam/GOG achievements have finally arrived! Total 13 of those. Also, I think that from now on all my games would come with online achievements implemented on day 1 (full release, not Early Access), not guaranteed by very likely.

  •  [misc] Added 13 online achievements. One can be unlocked on Hard or Insane difficulty only. Two are more hardcore and require more effort to unlock. The remaining ten are pretty casual. Note that some of the achievements can be unlocked retroactively using your old save (but not all of them), check the “Steam achievements” topic for fro more details.

  •  [misc] Updated localization files.


LoA: The Forgotten Crown

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released


Star Traders: Frontiers - Major Milestone "CATALYST" and 45% off sale

by Silver, Saturday - October 17, 2020 23:35

Star Traders: Frontiers has received a major patch and is 45% off to celebrate. The update introduces the Scientist Job, a new Intel type and raises the level cap.

Scientist Job and Scientific Intel

Major Milestone CATALYST comes with a new Job, but not just any new Job -- the highest community requested, the venerable and respected Scientist or Science Officer, if you chose to promote. The Scientist is a powerful supporting character bringing Doctor, Explorer and Command Skills to the ship. From a Talent perspective, the Scientist can play in both Orbital Salvage and Explorer, knocking out and replacing risk cards or boosting results.

But where the Scientist truly shines is in the discovery and capture of a new type of data -- Scientific Intel. Startling observations, dangerous new concepts, recorded anomalies, encounters with the other can all produce Scientific Intel when cast through the lens of a trained eyed -- the eye of the Scientist. The Scientists Talents and 5 new cards added across Salvage and Explorer can impart this valuable and dangerous knowledge in the form of Scientific Intel.

Like espionage-based Intel, this Scientific Intel is highly prized by Contacts and 14 Contacts will now buy Scientific Intel, including 5 of the Starting Contacts. Mostly, these are a Contacts who did not previously buy Intel and now have a new angle through which you can increase their Influence and Rep, but a few are swap overs from Intel to Scientific Intel. The new rules and system have also touched on a huge number of Contact Traits that will recruit Scientists or prefer to purchase Scientific Intel if possible or will pay heavily (Cult Leaders!) for the secrets, often farmed directly from xeno encounters.

Scientists can be promoted or recruited during Academy Graduations or from Sage of Records, Medical Provost and Xenologist Contact Types.

New Level Cap 45

For those veteran captains still sailing the void after 70 years and reaching the level cap of 40, we've made a major lift with CATALYST to open the gates all the way to 45. This also includes a big uptick in maximum job level from 32 to 36. The job levels are especially exciting as they come with a solid chunk of Skill points which we've used creatively to fill gaps, catch up certain off skills, or double down on the primary skill. On top of the extra Skill points, the Captain and Officers both net a total of 2 Talents, giving you even more powerful build options.


Thanks Couchpotato!

Star Traders: Frontiers

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Sci-Fi
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released